Certified Pre-Owned | 173 POINT Quality Inspection


12 |12

12-month/12,000 mile1premier coverage on eligible certified pre-owen vehicles3

Covered Vehicle Parts

All parts of vehicle*

*This contract plan does not cover batteries (unless specifically stated), battery cables, brake drums, brake linings, brake pads, brake rotors, bright metal, body panels, body seals, bumpers, canvas top, carpeting, catalytic converters, chrome, clear coat, coolant hoses, distributor cap, distributor rotor, exhaust collectors, exhaust flanges, exhaust flex pipes, exhaust resonators, exhaust shields, exhaust tips, fabric top, fiberglass top, frame, fuel hoses, glass, headlights headliner, heater hoses, lenses, light bulbs, manual clutch disc, manual clutch pilot breaking, manual clutch pressure plate, manual clutch throw out bearing, muffler, modelings, paint, PCV valves, rims, shock absorbers, struts, strut inserts, spark plugs, spark plug wires (or their equivalents), tail pipes, tires, trim, trim rings, upholstery, vacuum hoses, valves stems, vinyl top, weather stripping, wheel covers, wheels, windshield, wiper blades, and any other part not identified as a Covered Part in Customer's Coverage Plan.

1Eligible vehicles for the Premier Dealer Certified Warranty program measured from purchase odometer. 2Eligible vehicles for the Powertrain Dealer Certified Warranty program must be less than 8 years old measured from the model year and have less than 80,000 miles measured from the zero odometer.3For used vehicles less than 8 years and 80,000 miles.


7 |100

7-year/100,000 mile 2powertrain coverage on eligible certified pre-owen vehicles3

Engine Parts

Loss of compression through gradual failure of rings or valves is not covered

Cylinder block and heads and all internal lubricated parts

Harmonic balancer



Oil pan

Timing gear, chain and belt

Timing cover

Intake and exhaust manifolds

Valve covers

Engine mounts

Transmission Parts

Transmission case and all internal lubricated parts

Torque converter

Flex plate

Vacuum modulator

Transmission mounts

Covered Parts

The following is a list of included covered parts under our Powertrain Dealer Certified Warranty:

Note: Seals and gaskets in any system listed are not Covered Parts. 

Transfer Case Parts

Transfer case and all internal lubricated parts

Drive Axle(s) Parts

Drive axle housing and all internal lubricated parts

Drive shafts

Universal joints

Constant velocity joints unless failure was caused by neglected, torn, cracked or perforated constant velocity joint boot.*

*Constant velocity joint boots are not covered under any circumstances

Drive Axle(s) Parts

Hybrid battery coolant pump

Hybrid battery cooling fan motor

Hybrid generator

Hybrid motor

Input damper


Certified Preowned Benefits